Councilwoman Russell reports on McCauley Mt. project status

McCauley Mountain Committee liaison member, Council-woman Kate Russell, updated the Town of Webb Board on the most recent improvement activities planned for the McCauley ski chalet, at the board’s monthly meeting on Tuesday, September 13.

Russell said this initial phase will be limited only to modifications that would improve the existing structure with no plans to expand or change the structure of the building.

The committee has met once a month since June, according to Russell.

It consists of Councilpersons Russell and Richard Risley, town residents Loretta Gaffney and Dave Kleps, and McCauley manager, Steve Uzdavinis.

The committee started in March when it began collecting ideas from community members about how to make the chalet better.

Over the past five months, discussions have taken place and ideas have been generated for creating a better flow within the chalet, Russell said.

Additionally, Jeannie Whyte, a local architect, has provided sketch plans to the committee at no charge.

These sketches are based on ideas generated through the committee.

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