Burke’s Marina supports community and Raquette Lake Fire Department

To the Editor:

We live in an area where we are most dependent on tourism, and in turn, good customer service. We find good customer service in most businesses and service industries.

However, I would like to especially recognize Burke’s Marina in Raquette Lake. Michael and Nora Burke and all their staff have a reputation for great customer service, flexibility and just plain good old “treat others as you would like to be treated” philosophy.  

Everyone has a good story about them. But, I would like to go a step further and recognize their community service.

It makes me smile when we pay/give our boat launching fee and know that in turn it is donated to the Raquette Lake Fire Department.

Thanks Michael and Nora for taking community support and great business practices to a higher level. It is recognized and appreciated.

Bruce VanMeter 

& Nadine Sanders 

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