Barbara Green announces ’15 Webb Council candidacy

To the residents of the Town of Webb:

I am excited to announce my candidacy for the Town of Webb Town Council in the 2015 election. Recently I have read the pleas for help in our communities for Emergency Services and volunteerism. I have always believed that people contribute to that which is closest to their heart. Being aware of,  or involved in Town government has always been of interest and concern to me.

I have served two non-consecutive terms as Council-person for Webb but have been out of the elected local government arena for nearly ten years. There are two four-year terms up for election this year, and it is my hope to fill one of those positions.

Currently, I am serving my third year on the Town of Webb Planning Board as an appointed member, and will serve as a volunteer on the Comprehensive (Master) Plan review and update under the lead of Marcia Barker, Planning Board Chairperson.

The Town of Webb is a multi-faceted municipality that needs to be run like a business to effectively grow and prosper, while protecting our natural resources and maintaining our small-town lifestyle.

I believe in adhering to a budget and deadlines, and know that there is very little “wiggle room” for spending at the local level. As a life-long, self-employed business woman, I can tell you that I have the determination and practicality required to do this job well. I look forward to the opportunity to work on the Town of Webb Town Council.


Barbara Green,

Old Forge

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