Woodgate: Meeting set to discuss driver safety on revamped Route 28

Anyone with concerns about the newly rebuilt stretch of Route 28 that runs through Woodgate is invited to attend a meeting to be held on Saturday, September 3 at 1 p.m., at the White Otter Fish and Game Club in Woodgate, said Don Olney, chairman of the Safe and Sane Drivers Committee.

When the stretch of road was refurbished recently, the driving situation was made less safe, according to Olney.

“Things didn’t come around the way they should have with that road design, and the finished product has made for less-safe driving,” he said.

According to Olney, driver visibility has been diminished near the Woodgate corners, and benefits to businesses along Route 28 have not come to fruition.

“This situation affects everyone that drives the road, whether or not they happen to be resident,” he said.

Olney said he hopes the September 3rd meeting will help people organize and bring about changes, including a reduction in speed limit.

“This might be the first of many meetings,” he said.


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