ANCA: Summit to highlight power of regional nonprofit organizations

Each year, 36 Adirondack nonprofit organizations pay more than $84 million in salaries and employ nearly 1,600 workers.

These are just two of the findings to be unveiled at a day-long summit exploring the vital economic impact of nonprofits on the region on Thursday, November 21 as the Adirondack Nonprofit Network (ANN) and the Common Ground Alliance (CGA) host “The Power and Promise of Our Nonprofits” at The Wild Center in Tupper Lake.

The event will feature the unveiling of a study that analyzes the economic impact of 36 regional organizations.

“The Adirondack region’s nonprofit sector plays a vital role in maintaining and enhancing the quality of life in our communities,” said Nick Rose, executive director of the Central Adirondack Partnership for the 21st Century (CAP-21), a member of ANN and a CGA participant.

“These organizations provide healthcare for families in need, protect valuable environmental resources, and respond with aid when disaster strikes. They also entertain us, educate us and enrich our lives. Nonprofits know how to get the most out of their financial and human resources, and in recent years, we’ve become more responsive to the needs of our communities. As economic realities continue to change, nonprofits will play an increasingly important role in delivering critical services.”

The economic impact study was funded by ANN. The findings were compiled and analyzed by the SUNY Oswego Office of Business and Community Relations, while the study itself was written and produced by Adirondack Foundation (formerly Adirondack Community Trust) and Davidson Design, Inc.

The study will be presented at the summit by Hillarie Logan-Dechene, Director of Philanthropy at The Wild Center, and Ben Strader, Director of Blue Mountain Center.

The summit’s agenda also features many opportunities to take part in collaboration and networking. In addition to interactive presentations and panel discussions, the lunch period will give attendees the chance to sit with a member of the North Country Regional Economic Development Council to explore how nonprofits can further contribute to regional success.

The cost of the event is $40, which includes lunch. For more information call Adirondack North Country Association at (518) 891-6200, or visit

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