Town of Webb Board of Education meets October 1st

The Town of Webb UFSD Board of Education held a meeting on Tuesday, October 1, at 6:30 p.m., where it took the following action. (This is a capsule summary and does not represent official minutes.)

Approved the Minutes of September 17, 2013 meeting.

Approved the Warrants and Claims.

Approved the Treasurer’s Report for August 2013.

Approved the Committee on Special Education Recommenda-tions.

Approved the Board Policy 413 – Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).

Approved the appointment of the following winter coaches for the 2013-2014 school year:

Boys Varsity Basketball, Nate Smith. Boys JV Basketball, Andrew Kalil. Boys Modified Basketball, Matthew Phaneuf. Girls Varsity Volleyball, Jessica Brownsell. Girls JV Volleyball, Kristen Armendola. Girls Modified Volleyball, Mary Starring. Girls Varsity Basketball, Travis Kiefer. Alpine Skiing, Tom Down. Nordic Skiing, John Leach.

Approved the revised Board Policies:

101.101 – Public Access of Records

102.101 – Community Use of School Facilities

102.102 – Relations with Special Interest Groups

103.100 – Regulations for Maintenance of Public Order of School Property

107.00 – Public Solicitations in the School

410.00 – Acceptable Use Policy.

Approved the appointment of the following 2013-2014 school volunteers:

Margaret DiOrio, Judi Donovan, Dawn Montanye, Michael Palmer, Amy Townsend and Donald Townsend.

Declared surplus: 16 girls modified softball uniforms, 7 golf shirts, 8 golf jackets.

Approved the 1st reading of Board Policies 509.8 Functional Behavioral Assessment Policy and Board Policy 509.9 Behavioral Intervention Plan Policy

Approved the appointment of James Cole, II as substitute cleaner.

Approved the appointment of Ashley Heroux as substitute teacher.

Approved the appointment of Jane Franco as substitute teacher and substitute teacher aide.

Approved the increase in hours for Janine Phaneuf, teacher aide.

Approved the increase in hours for Amanda Williams, teacher aide.

Special Topics: 

The Board reviewed Board Policy Section 200.

Principal’s Report: 

• We have three Junior high band students attending the Bi-county Festival this Fall. These students made it into this band based on their solo festival scores from last Spring.

• All fire drills have been completed this Fall.

• Eskimos of the Month: In an effort to make connections with our K-5 students, we have started an Eskimos of the Month award.

A couple of students from each grade in K-5 every month will receive this award.

These students will get to tell everyone three things about themselves over the announcements (if they choose) and their information displayed with our new Eskimo that was painted by Mr. Fountain. (Thank you for doing this!)

This Eskimo was placed at the end of the Elementary hallway where all students in K-12 pass on their way to the cafeteria or P.E.

I will be stopping in to each K-5 classroom tomorrow to announce this month’s awards.

• Our emergency evacuation drill will take place on Thursday, October 10th at 1:30pm. Dismissal will occur at St. Bartholomew’s at approximately 1:45pm.

• The Fall Ball took place on Saturday night at the Thendara Golf Club. Over 70 students attended the event put on by Jed Kinney and the Student Council.

• Student Learning Objectives meetings are taking place with staff members to set goals for the upcoming year for students.

• Our Juniors and Seniors went to Jefferson Community College (JCC) on Monday with Kandis Griffin and Nate Smith to attend their Higher Education Day.

• Our first Five week marking period comes to an end on Friday, 10/4. Five-Week Reports will be coming out the following week.

• Smart board training took place on Thursday, 9/26 for all of our teachers with Smart boards in their rooms. We have several teachers who received Smart boards this year who are learning how to use them in their classroom.

• Our Columbus Day soccer tournament will take place Saturday and Sunday on the weekend, October 12-13 for our Girls and Boys soccer teams. The parade will take place at 3:30 pm on Friday, October 11th followed by an evening Bonfire @7:00 p.m. and Alumni Soccer game @7:45 p.m. Our theme for the floats this year will be ‘Movies’.

Superintendent’s Report included the topics: 

• Discussed a policy removal as it is actually in competition with what the actual law states and could cause confusion.

• Well wishes for George Hiltebrant for a speedy and full recovery from his recent surgery.

• Attended the New York State Council of School Superintendent’s Fall Conference last week. The conference was very well attended but in many ways left me with more questions than answers. The state continues to be in a period of flux with answers coming and then shortly thereafter being contradicted or reinterpreted. Often we are directed to our local counsel who also is without a definitive answer to our concerns or questions.

On Tuesday, October 15, 2013 at 6:30 p.m. the next meeting is scheduled in the Library.

*Once minutes are approved you may find them at

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