Just Call me Mrs. Lucky by Jan from Woodgate

Supergrams: The most super of all super heroes

There are tons of words in the English language that end in “gram.”

You’ve got your anagram, your cardiogram, a diagram or monogram or telegram.

The list goes on and on. I hereby propose a new addition to the “gram family,” and it involves, as luck would have it, family! The family of which I speak is the root of most families—the grammas and the grampas. It seems that this amazing group of elders has evolved into a new improved version of the grams and gramps of yesterday.

Grandparents of today have way more responsibility, and spend tons more time with the littles than what I recall.

So here’s my new word: Supergrams. They are the Spiderman of grandparents—kind of superhuman in the dedication and effort they put forth in assisting with the raising of their childrens’ children.

Don’t get me wrong here. I loved my grandparents dearly and I know they, in turn, adored their grandchildren. However, the time spent with them was limited— maybe a Sunday afternoon visit, where they chatted with mom and dad while we, um, played. Outside. By ourselves, with little supervision.

As far as game playing, why we were lucky to get a bit of Peek-a-boo or Got your nose! That was it, and we were happy to chuckle along with the oldsters.

Welcome to 2013. Grandparents of today are huge babysitters and do not take this task lightly. They wouldn’t think of uttering the famous “go on out and play now kids, we’ll call you when it’s time to eat.”

Not even close. These are hands-on, very involved cool folks who plot and plan each and every moment of precious bonding Grammy time.

Activities are planned and carried out as effectively as any preschool organization. Of course, with all of the online assistance available the possibilities are endless, so these small people are inundated with way more stimulation than was available to our grams “back in the day.”

Rainy day? How ‘bout playing Legos on video? Or maybe mess around with that app store designed for four year olds (Download for only $6.99. Hey Gramp, can ya hand over your credit card please?)

I’ve chatted with Supergrams who build tons of stuff with their little charges, from stick men to birdhouses to tunnels throughout the entire home in order to provide constant entertainment and fun, fun, fun!!!

I wonder if swimming is just swimming anymore, or does there have to be a master plan for that too?

I just hope that the parents of today appreciate the efforts of these great folks who are willing to devote so much of their time to helping you raise your babies. You are a lucky lot for sure.

As for me, well, still nuttin’ here in the way of grandkids, but I’m kind of changing my mind about this.

I’m pretty sure I’m not Supergram material, and will no doubt pale in comparison.

Guess I’ll have to continue my old practice of “borrowing a little” when I get a hankerin’ for some baby love.

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