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Carol Hansen honored for 40 years of service to Old Forge Library

Carol Hansen at an Old Forge Library function in 1980

Considering her 40-year affiliation with the Old Forge Library, it is not unusual for Carol Hansen to be asked to make a random stop at the library to assist Library Director Izzie Worthen with an upcoming project or program.

Such was the case on Friday evening, September 16 when Izzie enticed Carol to join her in the Adirondack Room to go over plans for the library’s upcoming 100th anniversary celebration.

But much to Carol’s surprise, upon entering the room she was greeted by family, friends, library representatives, and colleagues who gathered in her honor to celebrate her four decades—and counting—of service to the library.

As a token of appreciation, the library board and Friends of the Old Forge Library presented a custom-built cabinet in her name, commissioned by Hans Schmid and Sandy Tetreault of Middle Branch Woodworking, to house archival items and information. The cabinet will reside in the Adirondack Room.

Carol’s history with the library began in April 1972, shortly after her move to Old Forge with husband, Jon, and three children, Kelly, Bob, and Susan. Continue reading

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Talkin’ Code with Andrew Getty

Ready your homestead for a safe winter season


Now is the time of year when everyone is getting ready for that inevitable change of weather… they’re splitting and stacking the firewood, taking the screens off the windows and for some, putting the storm windows on.

And for the first time since before summer, lighting up those wood stoves and fireplaces.

How many took the time to check their wood stove before lighting it? Are the flues free and clear? Is the cap still on okay? When was the last time the chimney was cleaned?

Wood burning devices are not the only heat producing appliances that should be cleaned and checked this time of year. Furnaces, boilers, combination units, oil or propane should all be serviced before the season really sets in.

When was the last time you checked your smoke detectors? Have they been “chirping” lately? Continue reading

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Outside the Box by Chuck Walley

A Look at Webb Sports

Webb Cross-Country: Girls varsity team off to solid start; Maddie Phaneuf shines with first place finish

Before we revisit the week’s happenings, I’d like to give a special nod to those student-athletes who are participating in two sports.

Many of our cross country runners are hitting the trails as their schedules allow based on their commitment to soccer, which takes precedence. This is no small feat.

Between classes, homework, special projects, and studying for tests, the academic requirements for a serious student are pretty demanding.

Add in other activities such as clubs, National Honor Society, and theater (to name a few) and these kids’ schedules can be as rigorous as a full time job.

Now, imagine taking on the stress of daily practices and games.

That would be like you or I coming home from work, heading out after dinner to do a couple of hours of volunteer work, and then doing a five mile run!

Of course, nobody is forcing them to do it. For these kids, it’s a labor of love. And, believe me, it would have to be.

For those that have been to a cross country meet, you’ve seen runners cross the finish line looking like they’ve been through the Hundred Years War.

Many of them literally collapse immediately after that final step, while others “toss their cookies.” Sorry for the visual, but that was the nicest way I know how to put it.

So, to all of those who “go the extra mile” or, in your case, the extra “miles,” know that you’ve earned our admiration and appreciation.

And, in honor of your efforts, we’ll give you all first billing this week! Continue reading

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Just Call me Mrs. Lucky by Jan From Woodgate

Pour on the hot coals, cause this train ain’t stoppin’

Times they are a’changin. As luck would have it, just as I’m slowly exiting out of Menopause Land, several of my dear friends are just arriving on the doorstep of doom.

How incredibly lucky are these gals to have me and my oodles of experience on the subject?

Darn lucky, say I, and I’m only here to help.

Read on for some useful hints, tips, and strategies on surviving the daily battle which is becoming your life:

• Layers, layers, and more layers. That is how you shall dress from now on. Unflippin-believable how the body temp can roll like that, but trust me it happens.

One minute dripping like a boxer, the next huddling in a shawl.

Nothing, EVER, around the neck area—this will just result in ring around the collar and nobody likes to see that.

• Stay on your toes. Admittedly, being on constant high alert has its setbacks—i.e. stress and anxiety levels dangerously elevated—but the payoff is so worth it.

When one remains vigilant the chances of unwelcome little surprises are lowered. Head ’em off at the pass. Continue reading

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Town of Webb: Final primary results posted

The Herkimer County Board of Elections has released the official results of the September 13 primary elections in the Town of Webb.

In the Republican race for Town Justice, John W. Graham received 319 votes and Patrick J. Venetz received 145.

In the Republican race for Town Supervisor, Theodore C. Riehle, Jr. received 327 votes to Richard S. Risley’s 115. In a close Democrat race for Supervisor, David W. Berkstresser got 56 votes and George T. Hiltebrant, 50. There was one write-in vote for Stuart deCamp.

All of the above candidates, with the exception of George Hiltebrant, will appear on the ballot as independents in the general election on Tuesday, November 8.

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Herkimer Cty Legislator: Incumbent Patrick Russell seeking reelection

Legislator Patrick Russell is seeking reelection to his seventh term as northern Herkimer County’s representative in the County Legislature.

He will appear on the Republican, Conservative and Independence ballot lines in November.

Russell said he’s attuned to the needs of his fellow residents and, as a legislator, has worked hard to advance and protect their interests.

“I share their concerns. My entire life has been spent in this community and I have many friends and family here. I am aware of the struggles people face in our part of the world. I understand the burden that government spending puts on our local taxpayers. Continue reading

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BIG BUCKS: Three local women split top prize of nearly $12,000

Valerie Mills, Dionne Burr and Dawn Lenci

The Big Bucks Give-A-Way, a major fundraiser drawing for the Old Forge Fire Department, was held Sunday, September 18, at the close of Annual Firefighter’s Drill School.

Prize money is based on the number of tickets sold and this year there were 62 cash prizes awarded.

The Grand Prize of $11,882 was shared by three local women with their winning ticket #1869.

The lucky ladies were Valerie Risley and Dawn Lenci of Old Forge and Dionne Burr of Forestport.

Risley and Burr both work at the Adirondack League Club, where Lenci had also worked for 20 years, before leaving in July for a Financial Manager’s position at View.

The three women have shared two Big-Bucks tickets for the past eleven years.

Risley said that 15 years ago, she and Dawn Lenci also won the car on Labor Day Weekend at the Lakefront by sharing a ticket with Beverly Perkins and Ann Croneiser, and they also won $1,000 that night.

But this is the first time they won the Big Bucks. Continue reading

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