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Kinderwood Board grateful for Snowmakers Ball support

Gary Staab announces  the auction winners  with Judy Riedman  and Diane Heroux. Courtesy photo

Gary Staab announces the auction winners with Judy Riedman and Diane Heroux. Courtesy photo

The Kinderwood Board would like to thank everyone who attended the Snowmakers Ball this year. We hope everyone had as much fun as we did!

Thank you to Joe Bolton for the entertainment. Thank you to Nick Bankert and Felicity Davey for the delicious food. Thank you to Eric DelBuono for the Utica greens.  Continue reading

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Thanks for successful Snowmaker’s Ball

Clockwise from left: Laura Delaney, Mark Hannah, Jay Delaney, Scott & Julie Liddle, Ximena & Kurt Gardner, and Warren & Peggy Clute. Photos by Page Hannah.

The Kinderwood Board would like to say a big Thank You to all of the people who attended and supported the 15th Annual Snowmaker’s Ball at McCauley Mountain on Friday, February 17th.

Penny and Tom Smedley

As always, thanks to Nick Bankert and Felicity Davey for the wonderful meal and their staff for serving us. Thank you to Steve Uzdavinis and crew for the use of the Chalet. Continue reading

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