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Owed to a Commode


I feel like a queen

On my porcelain throne

It serves me well

I’m never alone Continue reading

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Nearly half a million dollars

and in the winter it’s unusable

I know it’s “only” Eagle Bay 

but this is inexcusable! Continue reading

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To Them

The snomobilers are happy

The Arctic temps they
do not fear.

The snow to them is like
the foam

That tops an ice cold beer.

—by Betty Harwood

P.S. If I have offended
anyone, I’ve lost my cool.

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Card of thanks

Perhaps you sent a lovely card,

Or sat quietly in a chair.

Perhaps you sent a funeral spray, If so we saw it there.

Perhaps you spoke the kindest words,

That anyone could say.

Perhaps you were not there at all,

Just thought of us that day.

Whatever you did to console our hearts,

We thank you so much,  whatever the part.

The family of Lance Cornish

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