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The Tree


In abundance they thrive.

They purify the air we breathe,

To help us survive.

They provide shelter and food for the wildlife

And all of humanity.

The very foundation of our Earth,

Is the roots of the tree.

And better yet is the breathtaking scenes they make

Such as the woods that surround a pristine lake.

The evergreen Fir, majestic and tall,

That enhances a waterfall.


It’s wood.

Everything that involves a tree is good!

I am finally aware, it dawned on me,

That we ALL look up to the tree.

I don’t know about you, but I know about me,

I want to go out, and hug a tree.

By betty harWOOD

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Road Work

There’s heavy equipment on Route 28

that’s sluggish and BIG.

Either it’s an enormous whatchamacallit

or a humongous thingamajig.

— by B.H.

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My lawn is scarred with mounds of dirt

I’ve been told they were made by moles

I also have squiggly ridges

Could they have been made by voles?

I swear I’m harboring a prairie dog

My patience is sorely tested

Regardless of which critter it may be

I’ve had it with being molested

Betty Harwood

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