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Letter to the Editor- Candidate Russell: Thank you for opportunity to serve Town of Webb

Dear Jay,

First, I would like to thank you and everyone at The Weekly Adirondack for allowing a great forum for all the local candidates.

It was fun, informative, and I think the community really got to know the candidates they have to pick from this election season

I’m sure I speak for all when I say your paper has allowed a great opportunity for candidates to share their views, in detailed fashion, with readers that also happen to be our families, friends and neighbors.

Thank you also, to everyone who has extended kind words on the campaign trail. It has meant a lot to me, and I promise to continue serving your interests in the county seat of Herkimer. Continue reading

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Letter to the Editor: Candidate Hansen wrong to blame others for own botched petitions

Dear Editor:

A lot of false and misleading information gets tossed around in an election season, but unless the resulting disservice to voters hits a certain level, I generally don’t respond.

I’ve decided, however, to address a mischaracterization being circulated by my opponent.

In part, here’s what Jon Hansen wrote in a letter that’s been printed in several newspapers: Continue reading

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Letter to the Editor from Legislator Patrick Russell: Misinformation abounds, but county jail continues to be handled carefully and with utmost concern for taxpayers

Dear Mr. Lawson:

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to answer the questions that Mr. Hansen posed in his letter last week entitled “New Jail: So Many Facts County Legislators Don’t Have or Don’t Know.”

I would like to note that all these questions were answered at a community meeting I arranged in Old Forge, with other legislators present, on March 19, 2011 at the town board meeting room. Mr. Hansen was not there. His question and/or statements are as follows: Continue reading

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Herkimer Cty Legislator: Incumbent Patrick Russell seeking reelection

Legislator Patrick Russell is seeking reelection to his seventh term as northern Herkimer County’s representative in the County Legislature.

He will appear on the Republican, Conservative and Independence ballot lines in November.

Russell said he’s attuned to the needs of his fellow residents and, as a legislator, has worked hard to advance and protect their interests.

“I share their concerns. My entire life has been spent in this community and I have many friends and family here. I am aware of the struggles people face in our part of the world. I understand the burden that government spending puts on our local taxpayers. Continue reading

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Herkimer County Dist. 15 Legislator Patrick Russell pulls two more party endorsements

Incumbent Legislator Patrick Russell picked up two additional endorsements this week-though he has yet to officially announce his candidacy-for the Herkimer County District 15 seat he has held for the past 12 years.

The Republican Committee in the Town of Ohio, which is one of three townships represented in the legislative district-along with Russia and Webb-has announced that it will be endorsing Russell, according to committee chairperson Patricia Reuter.

Likewise, the Town of Russia’s Republican Com-mittee will be endorsing Russell, according to its chairperson, Carolyn Hayes.

Last week it was announced that Russell had received the endorsements of both the Herkimer County and the Town of Webb Republican committees.



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Village of Herkimer putting tough demands on county taxpayers Fortunately county legislature has options, ability to keep new jail on track at reasonable cost

by Patrick Russell Herkimer Cnty. Legislator, District 15

Discussion is still going on as to what constitutes a fair price for the county to hook up to the village sewer lines at the former P&C property in Herkimer.

Herkimer County legislators, wanting to build a new jail facility at the location on Route 28 had originally offered the village $800,000 ($400,000 up front, $20,000 per year for twenty years).

This money was intended to help with the $1.6 million infrastructure cost the municipality would incur in upgrading their sewer services.

It was also intended to help offset any loss in property taxes.

Although I didn’t support the measure, the proffer back in July 2010 was certainly fair-especially since it also included the hook-ups needed to bring the sewer lines to the site.

However the village of Herkimer refused the offer. Continue reading

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Statement- Patrick Russell

On Saturday morning March 19, at 9p.m., many Herkimer county legislators will be gathering at the Town of Webb Muncipal building to join me in an informal get-together to meet the public. This is a rare event – in fact it’s only happened once before during my tenure and that was a few years ago in Old Forge when, as chairman of the Ways and Means committee, we held a meeting for area residents to view and then had a question and answer session afterwards. All are welcome to attend, and I hope to be able to discuss some of the aspects of the building of a new correctional facility. However, any topic that is important to residents can be asked and legislators will certainly do their best to provide the answers. Legislators who are also members of the Industrial Development Agency (IDA), the organization that drives the economic engine for the county, will be part of the discussion group, and I urge anyone interested in starting a business or who have a business looking to expand come to meet John Piseck, chairman of the IDA and legislator from Herkimer.

Two issues that have come up in a recent publication of the newspaper is the question  is: 1)“Why doesn’t the county build on top of the already existing jail” and 2) the county has failed to do their due diligence by not doing an engineering study to ascertain whether a new correctional facility is needed.

Regarding the “due diligence” question, the topic of constructing a new jail facility has been on the table longer than the twelve years I have been in office. Frankly, I believe the details have been discussed thoroughly. A few years before I was elected, Len Hendrix (scheduled to appear Saturday) and a few other legislators visited a jail in Colorado, viewing aspects of the building the might meet the counties needs. Discussion began then, when the (State Commission on Corrections (SCOC) suggested the county’s facility needed updating and they wanted a new building erected. So that was about 14 years ago. Site selection alone took about six years, and the public was well aware of the various land options that were available and discussed. Legislators finally came together this past Wednesday night, in a vote of 14-2 to pursue eminent domain at the former P&C site on Route 28 in Herkimer. With the vote having passed, discussions will be held with the landowner to see if terms can be agreed upon. If not, then the county will go to court to take the property. I believe, the 14 years that this process has undertaken, has certainly met the criteria of meeting the definition of “due diligence”.

Why not build on top of the current facility? Our present jail is around 15,000 square feet. The new proposed facility is 87,000 square feet. Although, according to our engineer, two stories might be able to be added to the existing building, it could never accommodate the additional square footage needed to house the projected inmates over the next 20 years. So this question has been looked at and discussed repeatedly. Legislators did not want to pay for an engineering study we already knew the answer to. And, the SCOC says are layout it antiquated now. Why repeat the problem.

Hope to see you at Friday’s parade and please join us on Saturday morning at the Webb Municipal building.

Mr. Russell is Majority leader etc, etc,


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