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Nourished Living by Dietician Kelly Hamlin MA, RD, CDN

If you bite it, write it: Benefits of keeping food journal

Part of my job when I am counseling someone is to ask them for a 24-hour recall of what they ate during that time period.

This is much more difficult than you would imagine.

For example, yesterday I had a woman in my office who said all she could remember eating was dinner.

One easy way to keep track of what you eat is by keeping a food journal. Continue reading

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Growing up Adirondack by Mitch Lee

Searching for signs of life on Limekiln at end of long summer

It was a mid-September morning and my dog Mutt and I decided to take a walk down to Limekiln Lake to see if any signs of life remained.

I brought along the handmade slingshot that I had carved from some sturdy twigs, just in case I wanted to get in some target shooting.

On the way to the lake I collected some good round stones to use as ammo and slipped them into my pocket.

Mutt went on her own ammunition search, but she had a very different idea of what would be the perfect size. Continue reading

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Talkin’ Code with Andrew Getty

Seems like too many rules for here in the middle of nowhere

Q: We just drove here from New Jersey with four pickup trucks and trailers loaded with lumber and supplies to build our new house. Our neighbor just stopped to ask if we had a permit to build our new house. Do we need a permit?

A: Yeah… Both local and New York State law require a permit be issued.

Q: Why is that? Our realtor told us this lot was grandfathered.

A: Maybe the lot is grandfathered, which would waive many other requirements, but grandfathering does not waive the building permit requirement.

Q: Well, we are in a hurry to get this started today! We all drove up here for a four-day-long work weekend and hope to have the roof on by Monday! What do I have to sign to get a Permit?

A: Really??? The application is pretty simple… who, what and where type questions.

Q: Great! I can do that! How much will this cost, do you take cash? Continue reading

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Historical Wooden Boat Tour of the Fulton Chain set for Saturday

The Town of Webb Historical Assoc-iation will sponsor a fund-raising Historical Boat Tour of the Fulton Chain of Lakes on Saturday, September 17.

Participants will meet at the Old Forge Navigation Dock at 1 p.m. and enjoy a narrated tour of 20 historic places of interest along the Fulton Chain aboard antique wooden boats.

Town of Webb Historian Peg Masters compiled the list of locations of historical note and provided the narrative and accompanying vintage photos that will be utilized by those guiding the tour.

The list of historic properties includes the Hollywood Hills Hotel on First Lake, deCamp Islands (known as Treasure and Skull Islands) at the entrance to Second Lake, the site of the Bald Mountain House Hotel on the north shore of Third Lake, and St. Peter’s Episcopal Church on Fourth Lake.

Guides will also visit Indian Point on the First Lake Channel, site of the 1833 murder of Native American trapper Peter Waters, known as Drid, at the hands of Nat Foster.

Among those who will be donating the use of their antique or historic boats are Ken Hinckley of Big Moose Lake, Diane and Chris Gaige, Deke and Carol Morrison, and Doc and Judy Foley who are organizers of the inaugural event.

Many of the boat taxis received high honors at the Antique Boat Show which takes place every July at the Old Forge Lakefront and is presented by the Adirondack Chapter of the Antique and Classic Boat Society.

The cost of the approximate two-hour tour is $50 per person and includes a complimentary drink/beverage of your choice at Sister’s Bistro, Tony Harper’s Too or Slickers at the conclusion of the tour.

All proceeds will benefit the operational expenses at the Goodsell Museum.

Pre-sale tickets are available at the Goodsell Museum located at 2993 State Route 28, or by calling (315) 369-3838. Tickets will also be available the day of the tour, seating provided.

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Paper Trails from The Weekly

Berkstresser and Hiltebrant scrapping for final votes

Democratic primary race still in the air with a tie not out of  the question

The most significant contest in last Tuesday’s primary was probably that between Demo-crats George Hiltebrant and Dave Berk-stresser, particularly for George Hiltebrant and his supporters.

All other primary day candidates had cross-filed as independents and were assured spots on the November ballot, regardless of their primary finishes.

Hiltebrant, on the other hand, put his full fate in the hands of Democratic primary voters, making it incumbent that he win.

Otherwise his quest to return as Town of Webb Supervisor, after having already served in that office for 25 years, followed by a 10-year hiatus, will end.

Right now Hiltebrant is trailing.

At the end of Primary Day, Berkstresser picked up 52 votes to Hiltebrant’s 46. Continue reading

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No shortage of candidates in Webb’s Tuesday primary; county announces unofficial winners

Primary elections to determine the Democrat and Republican candidates for the positions of Town of Webb Supervisor and Town Justice were held Tuesday, September 13.

In the Republican race for Supervisor, the unofficial results show Theodore C. Riehle, Jr. with 310 votes and Richard S. Risley with 110. Riehle received 261 votes in Webb District 1 and 49 votes in District 2. Risley received 99 votes in Webb 1 and 11 in Webb 2.

In the Democrat race for Supervisor, David W. Berkstres-ser received a total of 52 votes, 42 in Webb 1 and 10 in Webb 2. Continue reading

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Primary Day storms knocks out power, town presses on

A thunderstorm with high winds and heavy downpours caused a power outage in Old Forge and surrounding areas shortly past 7 p.m. on Tuesday, September 13.

However, the storm did not interrupt the Primary Day voting at the Park Avenue Building.

Prior to the storm hitting, the National Weather Service in Albany had issued a Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Northern Herkimer County and surrounding areas, including the McKeever area.

Bob Lowenberg, the Republican Voting Coordinator for the Optical Scan voting machines at the Webb 1 voting location, said there were no problems using the voting machines because they are equipped with back-up power that lasts for two to three hours.

“The power went out at 7:15 p.m., and at 9 p.m. when the polls closed we still had power. There was a lot of thunder and lightning before the power outage, but we didn’t notice it in the building until the lights went out. Even without power, everything worked pretty well,” Lowenberg said. Continue reading

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