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Old Forge: Annual Frog Jumping and Ugly Tie Contests set for Father’s Day

The Central Adirondack Association (CAA) invites all children to bring their fathers and their favorite frog to the Annual Father’s Day Frog Jumping Contest in Old Forge on Sunday, June 21.

The fun will start at noon at the Old Forge lakefront tennis courts. Awards will be given out to the winners in the following categories: fastest frog, heaviest frog, lightest frog and longest jump.

Local businesses can enter a frog for a chance to have their name added to the traveling trophy.

And don’t forget to have dad wear his ugliest tie as the crowd will determine who walks away with the 2015 Ugliest Tie Award.

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LETTER: Flag shows Southern States’ ugly, bigoted mindset

To the Editor:

Despite the efforts to sugar coat the Confederate flag with “the noble traditions of history, heritage and ancestry” (S.C. Gov. Haley ), the genesis of this hate filled emblem clearly shows the ugly, bigoted mindset of the Southern States when they seceded.

William Thompson, the designer of the “Stars and Bars,” the primary Confed-erate flag, labeled it the “stainless banner” because of its mainly white color. He called it “the white man’s flag” noting that the hugely white color symbolized “the supremacy of the white man.”  Continue reading

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