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Nourished Living by Dietician Kelly Hamlin MA, RD, CDN

How many of you eat out once in a while, at least once or twice a month? Did you know that eating out provides approximately one-third of the calories in the diets of Americans?

Here’s another question. Would you make different choices when eating out if you had easy-to-use nutritional information provided to you prior to placing your order?

Enter the Restaurant Labeling Law. Going back to March of 2010, the federal government adopted a menu labeling law as part of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act 1, an act which was upheld by the Supreme Court in June of 2012.

This law requires that large chain restaurants and similar retail food establishments, and certain owners and operators of vending machines, post calorie information on their menus or machines, and make other nutrition information available upon request.

The law also restricts what menu labeling laws state and local governments may adopt.  Continue reading

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MAC’s Safe Ride receives donation from Town of Webb Class of 2012

Gisele Kress, on behalf of MAC’s Safe Ride, recently received a substantial donation  from the Town of Webb School Class of 2012.

The donation of $7,910 represented funds that remained in the students’ account following their graduation last June.

The students voted unanimously to direct the funds to the not-for-profit late-night transportation service.

“I am amazed and touched by the selfless and mature decision of these kids to donate their hard-earned fundraising dollars to our organization. There are so many other things they could have done with the money, and we are so grateful for their act of kindness,” said Kress, co-founder of MAC’s Safe Ride.

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Clean-up Day set for May 18 at St. Williams on Long Point

A volunteer work day will be held at St. William’s on Long Point in Raquette Lake on Saturday May 18 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. All are welcome to help with the clean-up effort.

Transportation will be provided from the Raquette Lake dock. Interested volunteers can call (315) 354-4265 to sign-up or if they are in need of transportation to the site.

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Just Call me Mrs. Lucky by Jan from Woodgate

Quick and inexpensive remedy for sticky snoring situation

Who remembers this: “It’s raining it’s pouring the old man is snoring…” Well I sure do.  I’ve been plagued by snorers my entire life, starting with my father. His obnoxious snoring could be heard throughout the entire house, and I always felt so sorry for mom, forced to sleep right next to him.

Now I feel sorry for me. As luck would have it, I too try to rest my weary head next to a man who makes the same horrible noises my dad did, and it wrecks my world. And honestly, even the dog has picked up his nasty habit—they snore in unison.

Clearly, this affliction is not even close to new, although the studies and “remedies” have turned into a big fat paycheck for someone in a white coat somewhere. Or probably more accurately, lots of someones.

So why, then, has there been no sure cure? There are sleep labs, mouthpieces and guards, special pillows, and even surgery that supposedly can silence the snorers, but none seem to be completely successful.

We’ve all tried the good old fashioned way of stopping the madness, i.e., kicking, punching, verbal abuse, all to no avail. The results are short-lived and the silence lasts only until the stupid eyes close again.

May I suggest a simple test? While your snorer is awake make him/her clamp their eyelids shut and watch what happens. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Did the mouth pop open? Of course, I’m LMAO picturing you trying this. Continue reading

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Growing up Adirondack by Mitch Lee

Document your Adirondack adventures for generations to come

There are certain moments in a child’s life that remain significant, even though at the time they occurred they did not seem to be such a big deal.

I would like to share some of my most treasured memories with my readers this week.

Most people celebrate major milestones in their family’s lives by writing them down or through photographs documenting first hair cuts, first day of school, birthdays, graduations, confirmations, first dates, etc.

But for kids growing up Adirondack, there may be a whole different set of milestones. Some examples are: the first time you put your head under water at the lake, or dive head-first from the dock. Or the first time you got up on water skis, hiked a mountain, paddled solo, caught a trout, or shot a deer. Continue reading

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Gary Lee’s Daybreak to Twilight

Birds seemingly taking their time in returning from the south

The weather sure has made a turn toward summer and going right past spring. It is getting pretty dry but there is some rain in the forecast. Though the ban on open burning (by permit) is to be lifted this weekend you should still be very careful with any outdoor burning.

The birds seem to be stuck south of us in the storm system that’s in the Carolinas as many haven’t arrived up this way yet.

We have been at Crown Point Banding Station for four days now and only caught a total of 10 birds of nine different species.

We are running 18 nets so our catch average is very low, not even equal to government work levels.

We have tallied 56 different species around the fort site but not a single warbler has been seen yet.

We have been talking to others around the north country and it seems to be the same all over.

I had red-eyed vireo and yellow-rumped warbler around the house before I came over here this week but none have been seen here yet.

I had warbling vireo down by the lake this morning and several beautiful male wood ducks and hooded mergansers on the lake.

We even saw two mallards with young already.

The ospreys have made a great comeback over here as well as around the Central Adirondacks.

While there have always been a couple nests in the area along the lake, last night we saw 14 active nests on our way to Ticonderoga and around the fort area.

On one major power line there are four nests in just six sets of poles. The power company has put extenders on some of the poles with a platform on top for them to nest. They all seem to be in use.

We have also seen several Bald Eagles but haven’t found a local nest yet. There is one south of here on the LaShute River outlet of Lake George as it flows into Lake Champlain.

Ellie George got some great pictures of a nest with two young and their parents nearby while she was canoeing last week. The chicks looked to be about two weeks old.

We have only seen one cormorant so far. Last year there were over 200 out on the point with several already on nests.

I know there was a permit to kill some of them, but not to eliminate them.

Maybe they just haven’t made it north yet so time will tell. I will report on them next week to let you know if any more have arrived on site.

Just before I came over I was working in the yard and saw that several of the wildflowers were in bloom. My bloodroot was all in flower and several of the adder’s tongue (trout lilies) were out.

I also saw a few little yellow violets and some spring beauties in bloom.

With this warm weather the leaves seem to be growing so fast that you could photograph them growing.

The trees here in the Champlain Valley have greened up nicely in the last four days from the gray we saw when we arrived.

The water temperature has gone from 44 to 52 degrees as it takes that big body of water a long time to warm up.

Wear your life jacket if you are going out on the water as you won’t last very long in that temperature.

If you’re wearing a life jacket and get into some trouble, you will be found by someone and at least have a greater chance of making it out alive.

I always wear a life jacket, even during the summer, as you never know when you might take dip in the lake or pond.

Next week, I hope to report that more birds are wearing bands, but that’s another story. See ya.

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15th Annual Ad’k Paddlefest to hit Old Forge Lakefront, May 17–19

Mountainman Outdoor Supply Company will present the 15th Annual Adirondack Paddlefest, the nation’s largest on-water canoe, kayak and stand-up-paddleboard (SUP) demo and sale, at the Old Forge lakefront on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, May 17, 18 and 19th.

The event will include clinics, on-site test paddling, speakers, instruction, live music, food and fun for the whole family, in addition to over 1,000 canoes, kayaks and SUP’s on sale at pre-season prices.

The event will feature over 75 leading manufacturers of canoes, kayaks, SUP’s and accessories. On-site vendors include We-no-nah, Current Designs, Dagger, Swift, Liquidlogic, Wilderness Systems, Mad River, Pyranha, Native, Wave Sport, Perception, Hurricane, BIC SUP and more.

A number of local events are planned in conjunction with Adirondack Paddlefest, including a kick-off concert by The Gibson Brothers on Friday at 8 p.m. at the Strand Theatre. The Gibson Brothers are the International Bluegrass Music Association’s 2012 Entertainers of the Year. Tickets are available by calling (315) 369-6672. Continue reading

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