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Property owners press for easements across snowmobile trail

1937 railroad deed sheds light on Webb’s rights and responsibilities, says attorney

Three owners of adjacent Properties on Route 28 between Old Forge and Eagle Bay are continuing their quest to be granted a Town of Webb easement across Snowmobile Trail 5 to legally access their properties from the road.

The three—Donald Gooley, David Gribneau and John Johnson—are being represented by attorney Mark Levitt, who made a presentation to the town board on their behalf at the board’s monthly meeting on Tuesday, November 13. Levitt said that in the past there had been some confusion as to the ownership of the land occupied by Trail 5 along Route 28.

Levitt said the Raquette Lake Railroad had acquired the land from respective land owners more than a century ago.

Then, in 1937, the railroad deeded the land to the Town of Webb.

This transfer was clearly a transference of ownership, without question, according to Levitt.

“Years ago, at the end of the 19th century and through part of the 20th century, the scriveners would refer to areas of land used by railroads as a ‘Railroad Right of Way,’ when in fact the RR actually owned it,” Levitt said. Continue reading

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Webb Board hears continued case for stricter dog controls

Andreé Newton of Old Forge asked the town board to consider amending the Town of Webb Dog Ordinance to reflect changes that have occurred over the years to the local animal population.

“All the Town of Webb is growing and along with it the dog population,” she said.

Newton said she has noticed an increase in dog ownership in her neighborhood, which seems to be indicative of a town-wide trend.

And dog license statistics confirm that, she said. Indeed Town Clerk records shows 317 dogs to be licensed in 2012, which is up from 220 in the year 2000.

And it’s not that Newton is opposed to dog ownership, she said. “I myself have two dogs,” said Newton.

Rather, the responsibilities of dog owners should be codified in greater detail in the local ordinance, Newton said.

To offer direction, Newton made several suggestions which she said she gleaned through examination of dog laws in other municipalities. The deal with controlling barking and other dog noises, including whining and howling; also with keeping dogs from wandering loose. Continue reading

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Bryan Townsend named Junior Firefighter of Year

Bryan Townsend of Inlet was recognized in Red Lion, PA on Saturday November 10, as Leo Independent Fire Engine Company No. 1’s 2012 Junior Firefighter of the Year.

Bryan has spent the last two summers in Red Lion as a member of the Fire Company taking firefighting and first responder certification courses along with continuous training within the fire department.

Bryan lived at the fire station three days each week and responded to 87 calls.

This past summer, in a seven week period, he logged in over 650 hours staffing the fire station while having a 40-hour week job. Bryan was presented the award by 1992 Town of Webb School graduate, now Red Lion Fire Chief Joseph Yahnke.

During the presentation ceremony, Bryan also received citations from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania House of Representatives and the Federal Government for this honor.

Bryan has received his Firefighting I certification and Hazardous Materials Awareness certification in both New York and Pennsylvania.

He has also received his certification in Pennsylvania at Harrisburg Area Community College for Introduction to the Fire Service, Fire Ground Support, and Exterior Fire Fighter, along with achieving his First Responder certificate through the American Red Cross.

He has also completed the Decontamination Training certificate in New York.

Bryan will be graduating in June of 2013 from the Town of Webb School and plans to attend college for Fire Science.

He is a member of the Inlet Volunteer Emergency Services.

At school he is a member of the National Honor Society, Varsity Club, and Key Club.

Bryan is the son of Don and Amy Townsend of Inlet. His sister Shelby is an eighth grader at the Town of Webb School.

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TOBIE Phase Two, Lock & Dam among Town of Webb Board’s meeting topics

Town of Webb Supervisor Ted Riehle announced a tentative schedule Tuesday for upcoming items related to the TOBIE Phase 2 trail project. Riehle said he expects bid advertising to be the week of December 3rd, and the opening of bids to be the week of January 7 of 2013.

He said he will offer a formal resolution at the Town of Webb Board’s meeting on November 19, when the exact dates and times will be given.

As for the Lock and Dam rebuilding project in Thendara, the town board resolved to advertise for contract bids starting November 20. A pre-bid meeting will be held on December 18 at 1p.m. Continue reading

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Inlet Sewer District work proceeding on schedule

Progress is being made in the construction of Inlet’s new sewer district, according to Don Moshier a representative of Bernier Carr and Associates, P.C., the architectural firm responsible for the project.

Moshier said the actual construction phase is approximately 45 percent complete with approximately 95 percent of the concrete foundations poured, completed, and backfilled.

Weather permitting, Moshier said, the mason’s are scheduled to mobilize next week with plans to start laying block on Monday, November 26.

Continue reading

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Local committee forms to assist with Northern Forest Canoe Trail

As the largest inland paddling trail in the United States, the 740- mile long Northern Forest Canoe Trail (NFCT) successfully connects over fifty communities from Old Forge to Maine while also tracing historic Native American travel routes through the area.

Recently, the NFCT recognized the Town of Webb as one of the four Trail Towns along the route.

Trail Towns are trailside and gateway communities that understand and leverage their recreational assets as drivers for both economic development and broader community well-being linked to active relationships between people and places.

Other Trail Towns include Richford, VT; Errol, NH; and Stratton/Eustis, ME.

According to CAP-21 Executive Director Nick Rose, a committee was recently formed to create a plan with NFCT to publicize the trail and the communities along its way for the benefit of all involved.

The plan will support the agendas of Old Forge and Inlet as well as the Central Adirondack Association. Continue reading

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An open letter to Town of Webb: The budget process was challenging, but final 2013 product is reasonable

To the Town Board and Town of Webb Community:

ITo start off I would like to speak to the Board. Doing the budget exercise, as you all know, is very stressful, time consuming and tiring.

In the end I believe that with our emotions having some moments, as a board we did a very reasonable job in making this budget.

To speak to the public, I would like to say a couple of things.

There are a few questions that are always asked of the Board: Did the Board get a raise? And, did you agree with that?

Yes, I do believe that the Board deserves a raise. This is a very serious position that comes with a lot of responsibility and we meet frequently to cover so many of the town issues.

Another question is: Are you happy with the budget?

It frustrates me going through the budget process when we have some large increases like worker’s comp and health insurancebut still have to abide by the two percent cap. Continue reading

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