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Letter to Editor: Satellite phone would help on the sled trails

Dear Editor:

Mr. Fortuna would have us all pay for what ultimately is his own responsibility– the safety of himself and his son while participating in a sport that, by its very nature, takes place in the wilderness and can be very dangerous when using too much throttle and not enough caution/common sense. Continue reading

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Town of Webb Police Chief reports department’s recent activity

Town of Webb Police Chief John Russell reported on his department’s recent law enforcement activities as follows. Continue reading

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View Chili Bowl Luncheon serves nearly 400

The 6th Annual Chili Bowl Luncheon held at View on Tuesday, February 21, drew a record crowd of 372 people, who purchased handmade pottery bowls of their choice filled with meat or vegetarian chili.

Joan Ward, left and Mary Jane and Dick Lasher

Disposable take-home bowls were also available to fill with chili.

MaryAnn Nelson and Diane Bowes

The hand-turned pottery bowls were created by area potters inthe Pottery Studio at View by participants in the Independent Pottery program.

Bowls of chili were accompanied by garlic bread, dessert and non-alcoholic beverages. Beer and wine was also available a la carte.

Penny Smedley

The event raised just over $6,000, meeting its goal due to donations of chili and other products by local restaurants, and baked goods and desserts that were donated by area residents.

Also contributing to its success were individuals who sponsored a table for $100 in support of the event. Continue reading

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Polar Bear Jr. Alpine racers head to state championship

The Junior Polar Bear Ski Club raced at Dry Hill along with the four other Adirondack Council race teams, Snowridge, Mohawk Valley, Woods Valley and Dry Hill on Sunday, February 12.

It was the racers first Slalom race of the season and the Polar Bears handled the course with great success.

Results of the race are as follows: Continue reading

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Inlet board requests DOT help with Townsend Trail

A request by the Town of Inlet Board has been submitted to the Department of Transportation for assistance with project design and labor for the Townsend Trail Project.

The announcement was made at the Board’s regular monthly meeting held Tuesday, February 14.

Similar to the TOBIE Trail, the Townsend Trail Project aims to create a safe walking corridor that will help connect the outlying community with the interior village of Inlet.

The trail will begin near the Seventh Lake House, run up and down State Route 28, and back toward Limekiln Lake Road.

The town hopes to complete the project through grants, and the collaborative efforts of the DOT and an engineering firm.

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Talkin’ Code with Andrew Getty

Be as precise as possible in describing intended structures

E=MC2: Questions & Answers

Q: Do I need to get a building permit to build a shed?

A: Yes, all structures require a permit. Here is the application, when do you hope to start?

Q: Actually we already started. We did not realize permits were required up here in the woods. We figured up here who would care anyway? What is needed to get the permit?

A: Fill out the application, provide a survey and show where the structure will be placed. Please show that accurately relative to property lines.

If the structure is less than 150 square feet, provide a simpleplan as to how it is built.

If the structure is larger than 150 square feet, we will need a better set of building plans.

Q: Well maybe this is a little more than a shed; it is a small garage 22 X 28 feet. If you come over we can show you where we put it, that way a survey will not be required, right? Continue reading

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Just a Thought by Richard Risley

Kandahar enriches young skiers, families and host community

Kandawhat? The Kandahar festival, a ski race that moves from mountain to mountain every two years, will be hosted this year and next by our own McCauley Mountain.

This year’s event takes place this weekend (February 25 and 26).

McCauley Manager Steve Uzdavinis, the Town of Webb Board and the Polar Bear Ski Club were all involved in the decision to accept the hosting honor.

The work involved is great, but the benefits are numerous. Continue reading

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