Just Call me Mrs. Lucky by Jan from Woodgate

There’s nothing to fear, ’cept for wind, snakes, flying, et cetera ‘There’s nothing to fear but fear itself.” It’s a famous quote spoken by FDR many years ago.

What a load of bull. Everyone’s afraid of something, except maybe Batman, but does he really count? After all, he’s got his own cave where all is safe and sound all the ime.

We all have to learn to manage our fear, and the range of scaredy-catness spreads far and wide. or example, lots of people are afraid of clowns. Other’s greatest fears involve lying, snakes, death, or public speaking. ome are terrified of the dark, insects, tattoos, the boogieman, y God the list is endless.

Here’s my list: Mr. Wind. I am petrified of heavy winds and truly have no idea why. It’s not like I’ve ever been the victim of a hurricane or tornado as so many have. My heart goes out to them all. When I witness the damage caused by this guy (Of course he’s a boy—even ama Nay can’t control him so she just lets him run wild) I am truly afraid.

Of course, there are different levels of fear. I’m a little scared of bears and  lot afraid of hospitals. But this wind thing esides in  category ll its own. This, in my mind, is referred to as essypants fear.

Fear can literally stop you in your tracks. Mind-numbing body tremors take-your-breath-away fear, the threat of messypants hovering soooooo close that it’s hard to take in air r process a coherent thought. y body hates to be afraid, and the longer I live, it seems, the more afraid of the stupid wind I become.

The harshest of playground insults always included “scaredy-cat”, followed by “crybaby.” obody likes to be called either but for Pete’s sake we’re only human, and I truly believe each and every living being on this earth suffers from fear at some point in their lives.

So how to deal with this crippler? Many claim you need to “face your fear, deal with it head on,” but I totally disagree. here’s absolutely no way I will challenge a wind storm by shaking my fist while tanding out in the middle of it trying to dodge falling branches and various debris raining all about. ot without a dipey, for sure.

My advice? ne hundred percent complete avoidance—take cover, run like hell, and it can’t get ya, or mess up your pants when you least expect it.

Bottom line, if big damaging wind is predicted Lucky Dogs will be snug tight closed cuz trust me, the alternative won’t be pretty for any of us!

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