Sunday softball games continue at Old Forge Little League Field

The second Slow Pitch Soft Ball Game for men and women players over the age of 40, was held Sunday, July 24 at the Little League Ball Field on Park Avenue.

According to organizer Bill Brooker, Sr., enough players, ranging in ages 40 to 75, showed up to field two teams.

Among those who played were Doug Riedman, Dory Wagner, Bob Gates, Nancy Langham, Jack Flora, Tom Smith, Mike Waterman, Marty Droz, Laurie Humbert, Jim Baker, Joe Rintrona, Neil and Aline Newman, Billy Brooker, and Kent Menges.

“Everyone had a great time, including the spectators,” Brooker, Sr. said.

The special rules Slow Pitch games will continue every Sunday through the end of August. The games begin at 4 p.m. at the Little League Ball Field.

All are invited to join in the fun. Just bring along your own glove.


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