Webb Property Owners Association gathers for annual meeting

The Webb Property Owners Association (WPOA) held its annual meeting at North Woods Inn on Thursday, August 2, with Letty Haynes, who has just completed her first official year as president, presiding.

Now in its 26th year of service, WPOA has an active membership of concerned citizens who have the common goal of making the Town of Webb an even better place to live.

Over the past year, the Board of WPOA has undergone a few changes, including dividing the Board up into teams. This, according to Haynes, will help make the Board more efficient by  channeling individual energies in specific directions.

Additionally, WPOA was instrumental in obtaining a health care analysis that was used to determine the needs of residents of the Town of Webb in regards to the Health Center.

This year they have also established a website, been active in putting out publicity regarding last year’s property revaluation, and helped to monitor the problems in Stillwater and Beaver River by holding a fact-finding meeting. Currently, Haynes said, the Board is working towards getting insurance for the group, a topic which will be further discussed at their September meeting.

Increasing membership numbers and working together with other property owners associations to encourage both full and part-time residents to cast their votes in Herkimer County, are two goals of the organization for the upcoming year.

“We are an active group, sometimes maybe too pro-active. But at least we are in the midst of it all, trying to remain current and trying to be a benefit to the community,” said Dr. Ron Miller, chairman of the Membership Committee.

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