Garden Club brings holiday party to Lakeside Terrace

The Old Forge Garden Club sponsored a Holiday Party for the residents of Lakeside Terrace in Old Forge on Tuesday, December 6.

Above: Loretta Kaye and Carolyn Trimbach draw the names of winners at the Old Forge Garden Club's party at Lakeside Terrace. Below: Brenda Carmer takes her prize wreath from Jimmy Ortiz. Courtesy Photos.

The Garden Club members in attendance brought platefuls of homemade cookies and poinsettia plants for each of the 23 Lakeside residents. Special guest Jimmy Ortiz, owner of Feathers & Boughs Inc., demonstrated how to revive old Christmas wreaths and how to make new wreaths and other holiday decorations. The seven finished decorations were raffled at the end of the presentation.

Winners were Betty Rose Byszewski, Peg Morgan, Phoebe Greene, Dorothy Walker, Jimmy Ortiz, Marilyn Gaebler, and Brenda Carmer.

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