Letter to the Editor: Thank you for enjoyable night of giving

To the Editor:

Mountain Theatre Company and View would like to thank the community for supporting their recent spaghetti dinner and theatre performance of “Over the River and Through the Woods” on Sunday, November 20.

We had over 75 people attend the performance, which was also a Community Food Bank Drive. Part of the ticket price to see the play included non-perishable food/products for our local food banks, St. Bart’s and Niccolls Church.

Ninety-five donated items included soup, pasta, spaghetti sauce, peanut butter, jelly, baked beans, stuffing, noodles, pumpkin pie filling, yams, vegetables, coffee and much more.

Mountain Theatre actors, Ted and Edie Schreppel, Jim and Lani Ulrich, Kelly Hamlin, and Alan Saban donated their performances and over 15 volunteers cooked and served the meal.

We would also like to thank Billy Burns, Frankie, Zammiello, and Anne Garbarino for donating ingredients used for the luncheon. None of this would have been possible without the help of Sue Russell, Jack Boylan, Melissa Macdonald, the Thornton family, Annette Eyre, Stephen Wick, and especially Margo Boylan for her tireless help.

To you, the community that supported it, thank you.

Alan Saban, Performing Arts Program Manager at View

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