Town of Webb UFSD Board of Education meets April 19th; Superintendent Germer discusses solar energy consortium

The Town of Webb UFSD Board of Education held a meeting on Tuesday, April 19, 2016, where it took the following action*.

Approved the Minutes of April 5, 2016 Board of Education meeting.

Approved the Warrants and Claims.

Accepted the Treasurer’s Report March 2016

Approved the Property Tax Report Card for 2016.

Approved the Committee on Special Education recommendation.

Approved the 2016-2017 BOCES Administrative Budget.

Approved and cast one ballot for BOCES Board Members – James Lawrence, Jr, Marian Opela & Michael Kramer for a three year term.

Accepted the resignation of Todd Luther as Athletic Director, health and PE Teacher, effective June 30, 2016.

Approved the tenure appointment of Hannah Payne, elementary teacher.

Approved the tenure appointment of Emily Herman, music teacher.

Approved the tenure appointment of Megan Pfeifer, ELA teacher.

Approve the use of 20 Sick Bank Days for Jolene Finn.

ReportMr. John Swick submitted information regarding:

Spring sports are underway with several home games this week and next. Please come out to support our teams.

NYS ELA, Math testing for grades 3–8 have concluded and all make-ups were completed.

English 10 & 11 went on a field trip to View on Friday, April 15 with Mr. Cunningham and Mr. Leach to see a Shakespeare production.

Bus Drills K–12 were completed on Friday, April 8, for grades K–12.

Emily Herrmann took 21 band students to a NYSSMA Solo Festival, on Saturday, April 9th.

The 3rd quarter officially ended on Friday, April 15. We are now in the 4th quarter of this current school year.

The Community Pride Day T-shirt was designed in a contest by A. Sutherland. This design will be featured for all who partake in the Community Pride Day.

We have added a Super-intendent’s Conference Day planned for Monday, April 25th.  o students will be in attendance.

Teachers in grades 3–8 are scoring NYS ELA exams this week and the State has projected scores much sooner than the typical August release date.

Students in grades 3–8 celebrated a week of testing with a scavenger hunt around the school property on Friday, April 15.

Rebecca Sessions was added to the Webb Wall of Distinction on Friday, April 15.

Judy Taster from Hospice met with the elementary teachers on Wednesday, April 13, to help give strategies on helping students dealing with grief or loss.

Superintendent’s ReportMr. Rex Germer included the topics: 

We currently have a number of jobs posted on our website and on OLAS as well as in the local papers.

We have an immediate opening for a Microcomputer Repair Technician with the current employee leaving at the end of the month.

We also will be looking to have a new Athletic Director in place at the beginning of the summer.

Several teaching positions have been posted for anticipated vacancies including an Elemen-tary Teacher, Industrial Tech-nology Teacher (shop), Vocal Music Teacher and Chemistry/ Earth Science Teacher.

Applications have started to come in.

The teaching positions close on May 15th and we will look to conduct interviews within a few weeks of that end date.

Several of these positions are expected to be difficult to fill.

Just a reminder that we will only be having one budget hearing this year. It is scheduled for Tuesday, May 10th in the school gymnasium.

If a group would like a smaller presentation, we are willing to set this up if requested.

Please contact the District Office if you have any interest in having a group presentation scheduled.

The Tri-County Solar Consortium is looking to have an actual commitment from participants as they have vendors looking to secure lands and move forward with the future build out of the solar fields.

These fields will all be up in the northern part of our BOCES with credits shared across those participating in the consortium.

As with anything there is a risk to joining into a consortium if the energy prices were to drop below the contractual rate charged back from the vendor.

Current projections show a potential savings for the District of between $4,000 and $15,000 annually.

The savings would be smaller if the fields only get partially built. The vendor is responsible for the build out and maintenance and the land lease costs are included in the rate they charge us back.

If the fields never come online there is no cost to the consortium.

The consortium will benefit from the fields once they are generating electric but have no responsibility for the build and connection costs.

The contracts with the vendors would be for 20 years or longer.

The consortium would control the ability and costs for participants to enter and leave the consortium during the contractual limits.

Are we interested in being part of this? Would the Board of Education like a presentation from BOCES representatives on the specifics of the project scope and function?

The next Board of Education meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 3, 2016 at 6:30 pm in the library of the school.

*The preceding capsule does not represent approved minutes and is provided by the Town of Webb UFSD for publication.

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