A letter to all those with a heart left

It has been two months today since I lost my father, my best friend, my rock. It has been nothing short of a miracle that we (myself, my mother, my husband, my children, and my family) have made it this far without him. It certainly hasn’t been easy. People haven’t been very nice to me. My mother has been treated very well by most. I have been cast to the side by a lot of people and treated horribly. It is to the point where I have lost all faith in humanity. 

The purpose of this letter is not to bash those people that have hurt me to the point of feeling this way. This letter is to let people know that we should all be nice to one another, or at least civil, because life is short and precious.

We have experienced so much loss in a very short time in our very small piece of the world, that it has made me sit down and write this. We are all people, we all have feelings, and we all have someone that we love and/or have lost. We all need to show more compassion toward our neighbors; regardless of how we personally feel about specific people. Life is too short, too precious to be so cruel to one another. What happened to humanity? Why are we so mean to others?

We have lost many great people in the last two months and yet none of us have gotten any closer, only further apart. It is really sad that people are the only creature, big or small, that is cruel and inhumane to others. We are the only species that hurt each other intentionally. Other creatures will kill, yes; but at least they only do so in order to eat, and they don’t torture their prey. In other words; we are the ones who should pay attention to the word and lifestyle for “humanity.”

Please, please; hug your neighbor; tell your family and friends that you love them; comfort those around you that need it; be a friend to all that you can. And if you don’t like someone, fine, but don’t intentionally cause them more grief. You don’t always know what someone is going through, but you can always smile or say hi. It’s amazing how far that kind word or gesture will go. I know I have to help people. It is who I am; it is who I was raised to be. My family has always been known as those who “will give the shirt off their back.” No matter how bad I am feeling, I WILL help people, because my dad, my uncle, my poppop would.

I wish there were more people like them in this world. To all of those families that are left behind from those we have lost in our small areas recently, I am sorry. Sorry for your loss; sorry for the community’s loss. They were good people; please be, or try to be, good to one another. Help each other, because you never know when you or someone you love is going to be next!

Teach Love!

Thanks for reading, and loving,

Samantha (Sam) 

Drake Krantz

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