Old Forge Garden Club: Hearty bunch puts park greenery to bed for winter

The cool, rainy weather of Tuesday, October 13 did not drown the spirits of members of the Old Forge Garden Club who came to the center of Old Forge to put the Point Park garden to bed for the winter.

The group cleaned and weeded the space and installed new plantings from their individual gardens that will further enhance the aesthetic appeal of the park.

Also, Jim and Mary Hofer, who drove up from Syracuse to lend a hand, and Deb and John Munyan hauled in a trailer full of rocks that they artistically arranged around the Forge circle.

Other hearty Garden Club members who tackled the beautifying task were: Loretta Kaye, Joan Morgan, John and Pat Tappan, Ed and Heather Stafford, Michele deCamp, Pat Johnston and Mary Jane O’Donnell.

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