Big Moose Balsam Bee set Saturday, July 25

The annual Big Moose Community Chapel Balsam Bee will be held from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m., Saturday, July 25, at the Chapel, which is located five miles west of Eagle Bay on Big Moose Road.

All are welcome to join in this long-standing, local Adirondack tradition of making balsam pillows which will be sold at the Chapel’s annual Bazaar on August 1. 

Balsam pillows were first made at the Chapel in the 1930s by a women’s group called “The Willing Workers,” and today the Bee welcomes participants of all ages.

Two new pillow designs debut this year—a pack basket and a water lily—with artwork by Big Moose and Jamesville, NY, artist Karen Schunck.

Jobs include grinding the fresh-cut balsam, and stuffing and sewing the pillows.

No experience is necessary, and all are invited for a family-friendly evening.

There will be a one-per-customer, early-bird sale of pillows for this year’s “willing workers” at the Bee.

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