An open letter from Parker Snead Forestport is enjoying a great summer and great progress

Hello, I’m Parker Snead, Forestport Town Supervisor. This is a special time of year for us, the height of summer, when the lakes are warm, our surroundings are lush and the camps are full.

I hope you and your families are enjoying this wonderful season to the maximum. We have all earned it!

There are a few things that are ongoing in Town government that I wanted to keep you apprised of. 

I am proposing the adoption of a Town Dog ordinance. This ordinance is very nonintrusive to the dog owner. It doesn’t state how many dogs you are allowed to have or which breeds. This ordinance merely defines the basic responsibilities of dog owners to maintain custody and control of their animals on their property. It is intended to protect adjoining property owners, children and pets from being possibly bitten, intimidated, harassed and trespassed upon by unwanted animals.

We all need this law to protect the public’s general welfare.

You may view the proposed law on Please recommend changes as this is a work in progress.

We will be having a public hearing at the Otter Lake Fire House on August 12th at 6:30 p.m. An additional public hearing will be held at 6:15 p.m. before the Town Board Meeting on August 19th at the Town Hall.

I am reviewing the street lights in our town to ensure that all 89 are in proper working order. I am also looking for input and recommendations from the public as to locations in need of street lighting.

Please send your recommendations to Parker Snead, 12012 Woodhull Road, Forestport, NY 13338.

Our Town sent 26 of our children to Camp Nazareth for a full week at no charge to their families. This not only assures them of a memory and experience of a lifetime, but helps to ensure that Camp Nazareth will remain in operation for future generations to come.

I spoke to Jill at the Catholic Charities and they are thrilled with our program. They are at full capacity for all three weeks of their season this year. Perhaps as word continues to get out, other towns will join in and the camp will be able to add weeks to their schedule next year.

This is great news and reverses a long decline in usage. The children love it!

We are currently looking for a property in the Otter/ White Lake area that could serve as a town park. We are hoping for two acres or more. We have nothing in that area at this time, in the form of a public park space, and we feel there is a need.

Of course it would be great if someone could offer the property to the Town at a reduced price or donate the property as Town funds are very tight.

We feel that we have an ongoing grant opportunity to supply playground equipment at little or no charge to the taxpayers. But the application requires that improvements be made to Town owned properties, and we have none that are suitable in that area.

The Town just received a grant for municipal quality playground equipment at the Dutch Hill ball field at Dutch Hill, and we hope it will be in operation this season.

The Town Board received sealed bids from contractors interested in repairing/ replacing damaged roof rafters at the Forestport Town Hall.

The bids were opened at the Town Board meeting last week at the Otter Lake firehouse.

I am doing the preliminary review of the bids and will have discussions with the Town Board possible as soon as next week to see if we can agree on a course of action going forward.

Our Town has had a tremendous increase in usage to our recreational areas with water access at the River Road launch area, the Falls site, and the Woodhull launch area in the Hamlet of Forestport.

These areas are free to the public and include picnic tables, launch areas, umbrellas and grills.

Believe it or not, these sites are the only public water access sites in the entire Town of Forestport. There are none at Kayuta Lake, Little Long Lake, White or Otter Lake!

Ours is one of the best kayak areas in the state.

We are also experiencing an increase in usage to Scouten Field across from the Catholic Church in the hamlet.

There is a regulation size sand Volleyball court, a fenced-in T-ball or kickball field, regulation horse shoe area and croquet.

Please contact me if you or your group wishes to schedule a family reunion or sports event. We would love to have a Volleyball or kickball team. There is no charge for usage.

Thank you and have a great summer with family and friends.

— Parker

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