Hamilton Cnty Republicans reaffirm support for candidate Elise Stefanik

Republican committee members from around Hamilton County met Wednesday at Indian Lake and reaffirmed their January 9, 2014 vote to endorse Elise Stefanik of Willsboro as their choice for The United States’ House of Representatives in the 21st Congressional District. Elise Stefanik

“Today’s vote again makes it clear we believe Ms. Stefanik is best suited to represent us in Washington,” said Bill Osborne, GOP Chair for Hamilton County.

“The vote to endorse her was unanimous the first time and was unanimous again today. Nothing has happened in the interim to change any minds,” he said. 

This was in reference to the recent addition of Matt Doheny to the field, and other candiates that may enter the race prior to the April 10th filing deadline.

Doheny had been the party’s general election candidate in 2012, when he narrowly lost to Democrat Bill Owens.

Owens announced recently that he will not seek a new term.

“Elise has been out there campaigning for over nine months now. She declared her candidacy and has been crisscrossing the district long before the incumbent stepped down,” said Doug Gregor of Benson.

Stefanik has been described as a ‘big tent’ conservative Republican that will fight to create jobs and promote economic growth and opportunity in North Country communities, according to Benson.

“She knows the district and is on the right side of those issues that impact the North Country. And, most importantly, she has the personality and results oriented focus to work with others to get things done,” Benson said.

Bill Faro of Inlet added, “As a small businessperson, Elise knows first-hand the debilitating and job crushing impact the current administration’s regulatory proliferation and policies like Obamacare have had. She’ll bring real world experience where it is sorely needed—Washington, DC.”

According to Chairman Osborne, Stefanik is a small businesswoman who works at the plywood wholesale company her family has run for over twenty years, one that serves hundreds of small businesses in the North Country.

She has also served in the West Wing of the White House as part of President George W. Bush’s Domestic Policy Council Staff, and in the Chief of Staff’s office where she assisted in overseeing the policy development process on all economic and domestic policy issues.

During the 2012 presidential campaign, she served as Director of Debate Prep for Vice Presidental candidate Paul Ryan.

“This lady is a refreshing new face in North Country politics,” said Dixie LeBlanc of Long Lake. “She has the education, experience and vision to sharpen the focus on our struggling economy. Her experience in Washington will allow her to hit the ground running.”

On Wednesday, the committee also endorsed the candidacy of incumbent Assembly Marc Butler.

The Hamilton County Republican Committee is comprised of elected representatives from each of the county’s 11 election districts.

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