Ad’k Community Housing Trust a useful resource for potential homeowners

The Adirondack Community Housing Trust (ACHT) could be the answer for individuals interested in becoming an Adirondack homeowner but have been discouraged by the lack of affordability.

For qualified home buyers, the ACHT may provide homebuyers up to $40,000 for down payment, closing costs and essential home repairs.

Repairs may include such items as roofing, heating and water systems, window, doors, accessibility modifications, façade upgrades, painting and decorating.

Approved applicants are required to complete a Homebuyers Education & Credit course provided by ACHT. 

In addition, the ACHT retains ownership of the land on which the homes are located.

Homebuyers get a deed to the house and any other improvements on the land, and they get a 99-year renewable ground lease giving them secure long-term control of the land.

The lease gives the ACHT homeowner most of the rights of conventional homeowners, but with some limitations.

If an ACHT homeowner wants to sell the home, it must be sold back to ACHT or to another income-qualified family and it must be sold for a price that is limited by a formula written into the lease.

The intent is to keep the property affordable whether for your family or another.

Only primary residences are approvable under the ACHT program which is intended to promote primary residence ownership within the Park.

And what do you get out of this arrangement? What the Housing Trust does is allow an individual or family to purchase a home, live in a structurally sound affordable home, to live within the Adirondack Park and to create a stable future for themselves and/or their families.

More information about the program is available from the Adirondack Community Housing Trust at (518) 873-6888 or at, or by contacting CAP-21 (315) 369-3353 or

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