A Passing Thought

I always thought the appeal of the Adirondacks was in the mountains, lakes, and beautiful forests which give home to so many wonderful animas and colorful birds. I understand the right of a landowner to do as he wishes with his own property. I can, perhaps, even understand the appeal to some people to ride four-wheelers. What I cannot understand is why anyone would choose to come to the Adirondacks to buy property if his intent is to decimate the forests which took so many years to grow, in order to carve wide roads for the sole purpose of riding these machines on them.

All summer as I have been forced to listen to heavy, noisy machines crashing down and ruthlessly grinding up the trees across from my home, I have wondered, why couldn’t someone with this interest find equal pleasure in his hobby in a place where he wouldn’t be destroying one of the very things that people supposedly come here seeking.

Letty E. Haynes, Inlet

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