Property owners: Support 6th & 7th Lake Assn.

An Open Letter to 6th & 7th Lake Property Owners:

You’ve made a large investment of both time and money in your property. You have it insured and you have faithfully kept up on its maintenance. But there’s one more thing you should do to protect your investment. Join your neighbors in the 6th & 7th Lake Improvement Association.

The Association is dedicated to improving and maintaining the quality of the 6th and 7th Lake environment. We regularly monitor water quality and clarity. We eradicate milfoil and guard against other invasive species. We assist in stocking the lakes with fish and, in cooperation with the DEC, we maintain Sand Beach Island.

We hold an annual picnic on the first Saturday of August for our members and, with generous assistance from the Town of Inlet, we sponsor an annual fireworks display that evening. To be responsible neighbors, we contribute to the Inlet Volunteer Emergency Services, the Inlet Library and the Inlet Food Bank.

To continue to do this, we need your support. Please contact our secretary, Carolyn Klym at (315) 357-4985, or visit our website,, to learn more and find out how to join as a member and possibly serve on our Board of Directors. You’ll be glad you did.


Dennis McDermott, President

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