by Margie O’Hara

Memory Walk organizers Margie O'Hara, Adele Burnett, at left, and Patty Wittmeyer, far right, with the family of the late Lorraine Stripp, thie year's memorial honoree of the event.

Memory Walk organizers Margie O’Hara, Adele Burnett, at left, and Patty Wittmeyer, far right, with the family of the late Lorraine Stripp, thie year’s memorial honoree of the event.

Amid the rainy spring weather, walkers enjoyed the beautiful sunny day which seems to be routine for Inlet’s annual Memory Walk to end Alzheimer’s.

This year’s walk turned out to be a double-header because a group from Old Forge had to walk early in order to get back for another event.

Nevertheless, they made time in their busy day to honor the memory of Lorraine Stripp, to whom this year’s walk was dedicated.

Promptly at 10 a.m. the main group of walkers set out to do their three-mile stroll from the Inlet Town Hall to Drake’s restaurant along Route 28, but no walker was in danger because they proceeded on the newly constructed Elaine Townsend Trail.

Among the walkers were five golf carts, generously loaned by the Inlet Golf Club, carrying participants who wished to be part of the event but couldn’t walk the distance.

Amanda Miller with daughter Lorelei

Amanda Miller with daughter Lorelei

One of the cart riders was Al Stripp, Lorraine’s husband and popular former Town of Webb teacher and coach.

Ted Payne’s Bus Service was ever present on the walk to offer a ride to any walker too weary to continue. And right behind the Inlet IVES building, walkers could take advantage of a porta-potty provided by Murdock Trucking.

Back at Arrowhead Park, walkers and riders alike were treated to hot dogs grilled by renowned chef Bruce O’Hara and cupcakes (with purple icing) by baker extraordinaire (and Inlet Town Clerk) Patty Wittmeyer.

The hot dogs, rolls and mustard were donations from Herb Schmid of Kalil’s Grocery. And the grill itself was loaned by the Inlet Youth Commission.

Music was provided by the group Adirondack Acoustics from Indian Lake.

Lots of cold water was available throughout and after the walk, along with Chobani yogurt.

Both items were donated to the cause by the organizers of the Black Fly Challenge bike race.

A popular feature of the after-walk party is a Chinese Auction which included items donated by Mary Ann Ryan of the Wine Shop, Aimee VanWie, Carolyn Belknap, Nancy Jennings, Margie O’Hara, Reggie Chambers of Adirondack Reader and Coffee Shop, Archie Delmarsh of the Adirondack Shirt Factory, Patty Wittmeyer, Gary Lee, Frank Belknap, Connie Perry of Frisky Otter Tours, and Bruce O’Hara of the Adirondack Fairway B&B.

Special thanks to Linda Manzo from the Alzheimer’s Association who lends a hand every year.

Also, to the Stripp family and members of Beta Sigma Phi, of which Lorraine was a former member.

Many thanks for your participation to honor Lorraine’s memory.

Won’t you consider joining us next year to help in the fight to end Alzheimer’s? What diagnosis could be more devastating to a family?

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